Supplier production analyse injection moulding

How do I know which components I can inquire from which supplier? ”- asks the buyer


“How can I show the customer quickly and directly the main figures about our production portfolio?” – asks the sales person


I have started to systematically record my network in order to be able to search specifically for network partners in my bidder list. I would like to show you my approach based on the product group “Injection molding plastic”:


I have identified various criteria that can be used to record the production portfolio of an injection molding supplier. I presented the result in two questionnaires and sent it to my network partners. To keep the overview I set-up two questionary: for series and for the scope of prototypes

I have summarized the results of the completed questionnaires in an overview. This enables me to quickly and directly find the right contact for an inquiry.


You are welcome to download the questionnaires, fill them in and send them back to me

network, is a decisive success factor. SNL-Global offers its customers strategic and operational support in precisely this discipline.

The following example shows how SNL-Global supports its customers with its knowledge and gain a clear competitive advantage. We also provide a small Excel tool which we used during the follow example.

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