Templet RFQ

The common aim of all enterprises is to be better, in particular more efficient than their competitors. To achieve that goal, internal processes are constantly reviewed.

In many cases, such review is supervised by external experts and results in extensive organizational changes.

Typically, although these changes can be significant, they tend to not affect the work routine of employees which are dealing with the daily work. This is the case despite the fact that many of them know their daily process best and could contribute, if asked how they would improve these processes. All they need are simple tools and methods that would help them to improve.

To tackle this issue, we provide the excel sheet “RFQ Form”, which is an example of how a simple excel or word file can be of help.

Request for Quotation (RFQ) is part of the daily business of any employee of a purchasing department. It is crucial to provide all the information that a supplier needs when a new RFQ is completed.

The provided excel sheet instantly alerts when any information is missing, so it is made sure that the RFQ contains all necessary information. After completion, the RFQ form can easily be copied into any e-mail body such as in Outlook. Hence, by using our RFQ excel tool, you improve the quality of information and simultaneously speed up the RFQ process.

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