Checklist Certificates

During the last years, nearly all purchasing organization are faced the challenge to handle a global supplier network. The so-called “global sourcing”, which rolls out the purchasing process on a worldwide supplier network, is a decisive success factor. SNL-Global offers its customers strategic and operational support in precisely this discipline.

The following example shows how SNL-Global supports its customers with its knowledge and gain a clear competitive advantage. We also provide a small Excel tool which we used during the follow example.

Initial situation:

At the beginning of 2020, we received an increasing number of requests for protective equipment such as masks, gloves and other protective items. The demand for such items was extremely high during March and April 2020. The inquiries didn’t just come from ours customers from the core business of automotive and manufacturing, but increasingly from hospitals, doctors, nursing homes and institutions such as the medical associations. The need for KN95 / FFP2 / N95 or mouth-nose protection (MNS) masks could for the most part only be met by importing the goods from Asia.

What we did:

We support our customers with the provision of the complete supply chain. We fixed the capacities, quality and commercial parameters to meet the requirement of our network partners.

Since modes of transport such as sea freight by container or train were not an option at the time, the only option to keep the supply chain was airfreight. We carried out the partly not uncritical export of goods from Asia and the import of goods to Germany for our customers. This enabled us to fully meet their demands for an all-round package.


The procurement of disposable gloves, FFP2, FFP3, KN95, N95 is subject to legal regulations regulatory rules. The challenge for SNL-Global was to get used to this environment as quickly as possible and to comply with the “rules of the game”.

We were able to adapt many working methods from the core business. From the point of view of SNL-Global, it has once again been shown that an approach based on the “Lean” or “Keep-it-Simple” principle is most effective. As a result, we were able to create a few simple and straightforward tools.

Excel helper:

“Checklist Certificate”

We set-up a small, simple checklist for the import of products such as nitrile, latex, and vinyl gloves or the protective masks mentioned.

This list is used to check whether the necessary certificates are available for the respective products and whether the supplier’s offer is complete. In addition to the classic commercial factors, this enables quick internal assessment. This checklist can also be used externally for customers and suppliers. Of course, the product range can be expanded as required. The requirements we listed are only an example and can be adapted to the requirements of your product

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